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"Once in a while it really hits people that they don't have to experience the world in the way that they have been told to."




I'm Bri. I've dedicated the last 6 years learning how to live a life of balance in these modern times, using what I can of nature's offerings. Throughout this time, I have tremendously shifted my mind, body, and soul, through whole foods, routine wellness practices, functional weight training, and yoga.


This journey has led me to discover the key that fits the lock to what is the most ideal way of eating and living.


I've learned that labels only matter when it comes to our foods. Like many, I have fallen victim to the Western diet and it's medicine. I am a sufferer of chronic gut issues and the result of that has left me with a complete inability to tolerate any artificial or processed foods. 

Fortunately though, my sensitivities and years of proactively reconstructing my lifestyle, is what guided me here, to help those who feel they have a similar story.


My goal is to release individuals from damaging habits, discover the world of preventative and natural "medicine", to debunk health industry myths, and introduce to you to what I hope will be a permanent lifestyle change to living holistically. 

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